Roundup shows announcement from nickthedude

Nick explains why there hasn't been any XNA or iPhone Roundups recently and talks about his plan going forward regarding both shows and possibly another show.

Indie games, Skwug, Crescendo Symphony, Horn Swaggle Islands, Gum Drop Celestial Frontier )( XNA Roundup #28

Indie games are hip, community games are gone, Skwug makes us go weee and Crescendo Symphony brings some international flavor to the Xbox Indie games catalog. Horn Swaggle Islands and Gum Drop Celestial Frontier round out this MEGASODE of XNA Roundup featuring news and reviews of all the best Xbox Indie games. Carlos from mevio is our guest, check out the mevio tech blog here: Episode sponsored by Godaddy, use the code XNA20H when you check out to get 20% off hosting.

Nebulon, Lotus Stellar Conflict )( XNA Roundup #27

Nebulon is a retro styled space shooter in the vain of geometry wars, definitely worth a purchase. Lotus Stellar Conflict is a tactical top down space shooter. Subscribe to support the show. Episode sponsored by Godaddy. Use the code XNA20H to get 20% off 1, 2 or 3 year hosting plans. Offer good until Aug. 31, 2009 ( godaddy coupon code XNA20H ).