XNA Roundup #20 Weapon of Choice, Blow, Carneyvale: Showtime

This week on XNA Roundup we travel back in time to review some of the best early community games. We look at Weapon of Choice, Blow and Carneyvale: Showtime. Subscribe to the show via Youtube or iTunes to show your support. Sponsored by Blazing Birds.

XNA Roundup #19 Clover and Streamline

This week on XNA Roundup we examine the politically themed adventure game, Clover, as well as the bare bones arcade racer Streamline. Subscribe to the show via Youtube or iTunes to show your support. Want to sponsor an episode? Email us!

XNA Roundup #18 Trino, Karnn Age, Halfbrick Echoes

OMG!!! This episode is HUGE! Tons of gaming goodness for all our XNA Roundup viewers out there looking to get their xbox 360 community game fix. We've got reviews of Trino, Karnn Age and Halfbrick Echoes. Subscribe to our show, you'll feel better.

XNA Roundup #17 Orbyx : Mystic Orbs of Chaos

On this episode of XNA Roundup we check out the peggle like community game, Orbyx : Mystic Orbs of Chaos, a fun new pachinko style game available on xbox live for 400 points. Support XNA Roundup by subscibing via iTunes or YouTube.

XNA Roundup #16 Tank Strike, A Great Easter Egg Hunt

Episode 16 brings you reviews of 2 new community games on the xbox 360, Tank Strike and A Great Easter Egg Hunt. Also, find out how you can win some awesome xbox gear including: You're in the Movies, Gears of War 2 and a Rock Band t-shirt! Good luck!