XNA Roundup no. 11 Solar & Battle Havoc

Episode 11 of XNA Roundup spotlights 2 new releases from the Xbox live community games section, Solar and Battle Havoc. Support this show by subscribing to via iTunes or YouTube, or by linking or embeding our show on your blog, twitter, or facebook page.

Solar Battle Havoc

XNA Roundup no. 10, The Top 10 Xbox Live Community Games


In this, the tenth episode of XNA Roundup we give the people what they want, a list! Yes, because everybody loves a list we present you the top ten xbox live community games! Feel free to leave your personal top 10 in a comment. And hey, subscribe already!


Link's to the games in alphabetical order:

XNA Roundup Episode no. 9, SLAM

Welcome to XNA roundup episode 9. On this weeks episode we expose the xbox community game SLAM, a circular 3d arkanoid style game with puzzle elements and awesome graphics. You can support the show by subscribing via Youtube or iTunes.


XNA Roundup Episode #8 ( Mithra, ZP2K9, Spine of the World )

Episode 8 of the xnaroundup podcast examines 3 new xbox 360 community games, Mithra, ZP2K9 & TWP Spine of the World. Featuring: aliens, zombies, machine guns, flame throwers, and grinding. Support the show by subscribing via Youtube or iTunes. Thanks!

Mithra | ZP2K9 | TWP Spine of the World