Nebulon, Lotus Stellar Conflict )( XNA Roundup #27

Nebulon is a retro styled space shooter in the vain of geometry wars, definitely worth a purchase. Lotus Stellar Conflict is a tactical top down space shooter. Subscribe to support the show. Episode sponsored by Godaddy. Use the code XNA20H to get 20% off 1, 2 or 3 year hosting plans. Offer good until Aug. 31, 2009 ( godaddy coupon code XNA20H ).

Biology Battle, Air Legends, Duotrix )( XNA Roundup #26

Biology Battle, Air Legends, Duotrix are all games XNA Roundup missed the first time around. Nickthedude and Carlos Rodela give you their thoughts on all the best Xbox Community Games. Episode Sponsored by Duality ZF. Support the XNA Roundup by subscribing via Youtube or iTunes.

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Kodu Game Lab - Xbox community games )( XNA Roundup #25

This week on XNA Roundup we look at Kodu Game Lab a product from Microsoft Research Labs. Kodu is a programming environment allows players to easily create, edit and share games with friends, without learning a written programming language. Subscribe! Now!