Biology Battle, Air Legends, Duotrix )( XNA Roundup #26

Biology Battle, Air Legends, Duotrix are all games XNA Roundup missed the first time around. Nickthedude and Carlos Rodela give you their thoughts on all the best Xbox Community Games. Episode Sponsored by Duality ZF. Support the XNA Roundup by subscribing via Youtube or iTunes.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I'm the dev of Biology Battle, and glad to see you guys actually like my game! I thought that since you guys never showed it that you just didnt really like it very much :P Glad i was wrong! :D

Anonymous said...

Finally! YOu've "listened" to my comment 'bout the top 21 :)

MG said...


I want to suggest my XNA Game that will join 2009 DBP Contest for your next roundup:

The game will be released this summer

Anonymous said...

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