Chalked, Plows in Hell, Light's End, Evil Aliens)( XNA Roundup #24

Chalked, Plows in Hell, Light's End and Revenge of the Evil Aliens reviewed on this special episode of XNA Roundup. Nickthedude and Special guest Carlos Rodela from and Press Pause share thoughts about recent community game releases. See for more of Nick and carlos' takes on xbox arcade games.

Rocket Riot and ezmuze+ Hamst3r Edition )( XNA Roundup #23

Rocket Riot is a great new xbox live arcade game with an extremely cool retro 8-bit art style. We also look at ezmuze+ Hamst3r Edition. Subscribe to the show via Youtube or iTunes to show your support. Sponsorships available, email us for details.

Unrevolutionary & Angry Barry )( XNA Roundup #22

Still recovering from last weeks episode, we slow our roll and take a look at just 2 games, Unrevolutionary & Angry Barry. Subscribe to the show via Youtube or iTunes. Sponsored by, use the promo code xna7 at checkout to get a .COM domain name for just $7.49.

Top 21 Community Games on the Xbox 360, XNA Roundup #21

You asked us for another top 10 community game list, but heck! we figured why not just do 21. It made sense at the time:) Subscribe to the show via Youtube or iTunes to show your support. Sponsored by, use the promo code xna5 to get 10% off your order at Godaddy. Promotion on XNA Roundup!

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