Roundup shows announcement from nickthedude

Nick explains why there hasn't been any XNA or iPhone Roundups recently and talks about his plan going forward regarding both shows and possibly another show.

Indie games, Skwug, Crescendo Symphony, Horn Swaggle Islands, Gum Drop Celestial Frontier )( XNA Roundup #28

Indie games are hip, community games are gone, Skwug makes us go weee and Crescendo Symphony brings some international flavor to the Xbox Indie games catalog. Horn Swaggle Islands and Gum Drop Celestial Frontier round out this MEGASODE of XNA Roundup featuring news and reviews of all the best Xbox Indie games. Carlos from mevio is our guest, check out the mevio tech blog here: Episode sponsored by Godaddy, use the code XNA20H when you check out to get 20% off hosting.

Nebulon, Lotus Stellar Conflict )( XNA Roundup #27

Nebulon is a retro styled space shooter in the vain of geometry wars, definitely worth a purchase. Lotus Stellar Conflict is a tactical top down space shooter. Subscribe to support the show. Episode sponsored by Godaddy. Use the code XNA20H to get 20% off 1, 2 or 3 year hosting plans. Offer good until Aug. 31, 2009 ( godaddy coupon code XNA20H ).

Biology Battle, Air Legends, Duotrix )( XNA Roundup #26

Biology Battle, Air Legends, Duotrix are all games XNA Roundup missed the first time around. Nickthedude and Carlos Rodela give you their thoughts on all the best Xbox Community Games. Episode Sponsored by Duality ZF. Support the XNA Roundup by subscribing via Youtube or iTunes.

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Kodu Game Lab - Xbox community games )( XNA Roundup #25

This week on XNA Roundup we look at Kodu Game Lab a product from Microsoft Research Labs. Kodu is a programming environment allows players to easily create, edit and share games with friends, without learning a written programming language. Subscribe! Now!

Chalked, Plows in Hell, Light's End, Evil Aliens)( XNA Roundup #24

Chalked, Plows in Hell, Light's End and Revenge of the Evil Aliens reviewed on this special episode of XNA Roundup. Nickthedude and Special guest Carlos Rodela from and Press Pause share thoughts about recent community game releases. See for more of Nick and carlos' takes on xbox arcade games.

Rocket Riot and ezmuze+ Hamst3r Edition )( XNA Roundup #23

Rocket Riot is a great new xbox live arcade game with an extremely cool retro 8-bit art style. We also look at ezmuze+ Hamst3r Edition. Subscribe to the show via Youtube or iTunes to show your support. Sponsorships available, email us for details.

Unrevolutionary & Angry Barry )( XNA Roundup #22

Still recovering from last weeks episode, we slow our roll and take a look at just 2 games, Unrevolutionary & Angry Barry. Subscribe to the show via Youtube or iTunes. Sponsored by, use the promo code xna7 at checkout to get a .COM domain name for just $7.49.

Top 21 Community Games on the Xbox 360, XNA Roundup #21

You asked us for another top 10 community game list, but heck! we figured why not just do 21. It made sense at the time:) Subscribe to the show via Youtube or iTunes to show your support. Sponsored by, use the promo code xna5 to get 10% off your order at Godaddy. Promotion on XNA Roundup!

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XNA Roundup #20 Weapon of Choice, Blow, Carneyvale: Showtime

This week on XNA Roundup we travel back in time to review some of the best early community games. We look at Weapon of Choice, Blow and Carneyvale: Showtime. Subscribe to the show via Youtube or iTunes to show your support. Sponsored by Blazing Birds.

XNA Roundup #19 Clover and Streamline

This week on XNA Roundup we examine the politically themed adventure game, Clover, as well as the bare bones arcade racer Streamline. Subscribe to the show via Youtube or iTunes to show your support. Want to sponsor an episode? Email us!

XNA Roundup #18 Trino, Karnn Age, Halfbrick Echoes

OMG!!! This episode is HUGE! Tons of gaming goodness for all our XNA Roundup viewers out there looking to get their xbox 360 community game fix. We've got reviews of Trino, Karnn Age and Halfbrick Echoes. Subscribe to our show, you'll feel better.

XNA Roundup #17 Orbyx : Mystic Orbs of Chaos

On this episode of XNA Roundup we check out the peggle like community game, Orbyx : Mystic Orbs of Chaos, a fun new pachinko style game available on xbox live for 400 points. Support XNA Roundup by subscibing via iTunes or YouTube.

XNA Roundup #16 Tank Strike, A Great Easter Egg Hunt

Episode 16 brings you reviews of 2 new community games on the xbox 360, Tank Strike and A Great Easter Egg Hunt. Also, find out how you can win some awesome xbox gear including: You're in the Movies, Gears of War 2 and a Rock Band t-shirt! Good luck!

XNA Roundup #15 Bite Sized Reviews #2

From XNA Roundup Headquarters we bring you the 2nd edition of Bite Sized Reviews, that packs tons of gaming goodness into a single podcast. Games covered: Xeno Arena, Drum Xplosion, Zoom, Game About a Soup Factory, Blueprint Racing 4d & Retro 1: Part 2

XNA Roundup #14 Rabid Gophers & Bite Sized Reviews

Welcome to XNA Roundup episode 14, in which we take a deep look into Rabid Gophers, a collection of 3 mini games that revolve around quickly killing rapacious rodents. We also take bite sized looks at hexement, Aria and Terwilliger. Thanks for watching!

XNA Roundup episode no.13 bite sized reviews #1

Episode no. 13 of XNA Roundup brings you bite sized gaming morsels found in the community games section on the xbox live marketplace. games reviewed include: NextWar, Dromedary, The Exterminater (sic), Halfbrick Blast Off, BeatBlox, SuperCow, Little Racers

NextWar, Dromedary, The Exterminater (sic), Halfbrick Blast Off, BeatBlox, SuperCow, Little Racers

XNA Roundup episode no.12 Dishwasher Dead Samurai

Episode 12 of the XNA Roundup podcast leaves the confines of community games and reviews the xbox live arcade release The Dishwasher : Dead Samurai. An XNA Dream Build Play Winner, Ska studio's Dishwasher proves 2d beat-um-ups aren't just an NES thing.

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

XNA Roundup no. 11 Solar & Battle Havoc

Episode 11 of XNA Roundup spotlights 2 new releases from the Xbox live community games section, Solar and Battle Havoc. Support this show by subscribing to via iTunes or YouTube, or by linking or embeding our show on your blog, twitter, or facebook page.

Solar Battle Havoc

XNA Roundup no. 10, The Top 10 Xbox Live Community Games


In this, the tenth episode of XNA Roundup we give the people what they want, a list! Yes, because everybody loves a list we present you the top ten xbox live community games! Feel free to leave your personal top 10 in a comment. And hey, subscribe already!


Link's to the games in alphabetical order:

XNA Roundup Episode no. 9, SLAM

Welcome to XNA roundup episode 9. On this weeks episode we expose the xbox community game SLAM, a circular 3d arkanoid style game with puzzle elements and awesome graphics. You can support the show by subscribing via Youtube or iTunes.


XNA Roundup Episode #8 ( Mithra, ZP2K9, Spine of the World )

Episode 8 of the xnaroundup podcast examines 3 new xbox 360 community games, Mithra, ZP2K9 & TWP Spine of the World. Featuring: aliens, zombies, machine guns, flame throwers, and grinding. Support the show by subscribing via Youtube or iTunes. Thanks!

Mithra | ZP2K9 | TWP Spine of the World

XNA Roundup Episode no. 7 (Zoomaroom)

Welcome to XNA roundup episode 7. This week we breakdown one of the best releases on the xbox live community games tab to date, the physics based platformer “Zoomaroom.“ You can support the show by subscribing via Youtube or iTunes.


XNA Roundup Episode no. 6 (The Gravity Effect & ArkX)

Thanks for tuning in to XNAroundup podcast no. 4. This week we get sucked into “The Gravity Effect” and “ArkX.“Both are available for 200 MS points on the xbox live community games tab. You can support this show by subscribing via Youtube or iTunes.

The Gravity Effect

XNA Roundup Episode no.5 (Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp)

Welcome to another episode of the XNAroundup podcast, this week we dig into our community games backlog & look at Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp. Don’t let the title fool you, behind its kiddie exterior, there’s a really fun and hardcore game to be found.

Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp

XNA Roundup Episode no.4 (Miner Dig Deep)

Thanks for tuning in to XNAroundup podcast no. 4. This week we take a look at Miner Dig Deep, an awesome new game available through the xbox live community games tab. Support this show by subscribing to the show via youtube ( or itunes ( Thanks!

Miner Dig Deep

XNA Roundup Episode no.3 (Machiavelli's Ascent & Ultratron)

Welcome to XNAroundup podcast 003. This week we take a peek at another pair of exciting games available in the xbox live community games tab, Machiavelli's Ascent & Ultratron. You can now subscribe to the show via itunes:

Machiavelli's Ascent Ultratron

XNA Roundup episode no. 2 (Hexothermic, World Revolution)

As always,Episode No. 2 of xnaroundup brings you the best games of the xbox community games tab. This week we take a closer look at 2 super fun games, Hexothermic and World Revolution : The Last Defense. Thanks for watching

Hexothermic World Revolution

XNA Roundup episode no. 1 (Sin Surfing, Word Soup)

The inaugural episode of, this has been in the can for a while, but we're looking forward to bringing you the freshest content on a weekly basis, keeping you updated on the best and worst releases of the Xbox 360's Community Games section.

We welcome your comments and questions, and aim to shape the show in the coming weeks and years to your, our viewers, specifications.


Sin Surfing Word Soup