XNA Roundup #15 Bite Sized Reviews #2

From XNA Roundup Headquarters we bring you the 2nd edition of Bite Sized Reviews, that packs tons of gaming goodness into a single podcast. Games covered: Xeno Arena, Drum Xplosion, Zoom, Game About a Soup Factory, Blueprint Racing 4d & Retro 1: Part 2


CoamIthra said...

Inserting a little bit of humor into the podcast - I like it!

One comment about the blueprint racer though: this game is one of the example games that you can download for free from the XNA website. The author has simply replaced some textures. The original arguably looks better..

*sadface* :(

Nicholas Iannone said...


Trying to lighten things up a bit. That's funny about the template game, maybe i should annotate that.

Thanks for watching!


Clarvalon said...

I'm glad someone else posted about it - the blueprint car game is the most blatant derivate from the xna samples. It's a shame as I can't help but feel it devalues the whole community games channel. Oh well.

Good work with the roundup so far - XBLCG needs all the exposure it can get.

Zenfar said...

Blueprint is a StartKit game with the textures changed to make the game look worse not better IMHO. I think it is ok for Creators to use Starter Kits as a Start not as their entire game. Just my 2 cents, you have some of the best reviews out there good job.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully we will add Bosses in Retro One - Part 3 :-) Thanks Nick.


Tommy McClain said...

Nick loved the humor!! I had a few real LOL moments. Keep it up!!

As for Blueprint Racer I will say only the developers care about this. Microsoft has officially stated that as long as the code is not identical bit for bit, then it's ok to sell a starter kit slightly changed. I'm not a developer & I could care less if the only difference between a free starter kit & XBLCG is one changed texture. If it's a great game I'll buy it, if not I won't. Just seems like sour grapes from developers. Quit crying & make better games! BTW, I didn't like Blueprint Racer. Don't care how good it handles, it still looks like crap. :D

Anonymous said...

Here's the catch though, if you just tell the developers to quit crying and make better games... why should they? This is a crap game with minimally effort making good money. What incentive do developers have to put time and effort making a good game when a hack like this is so successful?

How would you like to see 100 games all based on the same 5 starter kits? Sure, it's okay with just 1, but when people start to catch on you'll flood the service with virtually identical games.

Once developers find hack ways to make lots of money it cheapens the entire industry as other developers have to lower their standards to keep up. Sure, in a little indie environment it won't happen but it happened to the big titles (how many space marine FPS do we have now?) and it's happened in the movie industry too.

Don't support this game unless all you want to see is cheap, ugly hacks in the future.

Billy said...

"Quit crying & make better games!"

It isn't even a game you nitwit.

You drive around aimlessly and it tracks your lap time. There's no racing game in it because the starter kit is just a skeleton, not a real game

So "Make better games"? Are you retarded? Everything else on XBLCG is better, save for the other non-games like Celebrate and RPaints

Anonymous said...

And "Game About A Soup Factory" isn't a "unique puzzler at all". It's a CLONE of the game Zoop. Nothing unique about that