XNA Roundup Episode #8 ( Mithra, ZP2K9, Spine of the World )

Episode 8 of the xnaroundup podcast examines 3 new xbox 360 community games, Mithra, ZP2K9 & TWP Spine of the World. Featuring: aliens, zombies, machine guns, flame throwers, and grinding. Support the show by subscribing via Youtube or iTunes. Thanks!

Mithra | ZP2K9 | TWP Spine of the World


Anonymous said...

Hey, Jamezila here, just wanted to say I liked this vid (and linked from my blog).

Funny, I think a ZP2K9 fan is starting a flamewar on the Soldat forums! :D

Anonymous said...


Great site, XNA titles need this kind of press.

You should add a Zune support.