Help us make XNA Rounup better

Hey folks,

Just a quick note that we are running a survey to get a feel for who is watching the show and how we can make it better for everyone. Take the survey here: .

Thanks so much for your time and energy, we appreciate your support and just want to make XNA Roundup more awesomer.




Anonymous said...

I found your survey to be far too invasive, in fact I found it invasive too the point of offence. It started out perfectly fine but the questions quickly became out of scope and out of order.

Anonymous said...

It's just demographic information. They do that in a lot of surveys. I skipped it mainly because it bores me to answer all that and I don't think it will impact the quality of the results much.

Tommy McClain said...

I answered it, I think was one the 1st two people, it's a standard survey for crying outloud. If anybody had a problem with it, then they probably have problems with all surveys. I'm glad I filled it out because there are things I like about the show & things I don't, and I want to make sure those things I like still remain. So keep up the great work Nick! :D